How to Apply

*Due to circumstances beyond the control of the Department, we will be pausing our intake of new graduate students for the Academic Year of 2022-23. This hiatus will allow us to ensure that the strengths of our graduate programs continue and that all our graduate students receive the best experience possible.

Prospective applicants must submit an online application.


Click “Apply Now” on that page to be brought to the application.  York U uses an online application, which takes about 30 minutes to complete in total.

Statement of Interest

In the statement of interest, applicants are asked to provide information on their past and current areas/topics of research, and to indicate their intended area(s) of research at the master’s or doctoral level. The statement also serves to introduce the applicant to the admissions committee. Applicants are encouraged to refer to prior educational/scholarly/professional experiences, and to reflect on how they have influenced their decision to pursue further studies. Length: 300–500 words.

Scholarly Writing

Applicants are requested to submit two pieces of scholarly writing. Thesis excerpts, articles, and papers submitted to graduate level courses are all acceptable. Length: minimum for each sample, 2000 words.


Applicants are requested to submit a current CV, indicating prior academic, professional, and work experience, including teaching, administration, and other activities that are relevant to their academic and research interests.