Financial Support

Financial Support for MFA students.

Funding to help meet the financial needs of graduate students is comprised of one or more of the following internal and external funding sources: fellowships, teaching assistantships, graduate assistantships, scholarships and awards, and research assistantships.

Full-time Dance MFA students who receive funding support from York can expect a funding package of approximately $10,000 per year, met primarily through a fellowship. As our MFA program is 5 terms F/W/S/F/W, that $10,000/year works out to $3,333/term. With the tuition being $1738/term for 5 terms.

Funding is contingent on continuous registration as a full-time student, continued satisfactory academic performance, and fulfillment of any funding-related employment obligations.

Please visit Faculty of Graduate Studies – Funding and Awards for more information, including internal and external scholarship opportunities.