MFA in Dance

MFA in Dance: Choreography | Collaboration | Creation

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The MFA in Dance Program: ‘Choreography | Collaboration | Creation’ reflects the ways many contemporary artists are working today. This student-centered, experiential program encourages students to work collaboratively with other graduate students from a wide-range of disciplines, and to successfully find their own creative voice. In addition to a foundation focus on choreography, the use of digital technology in support of dance will be encouraged through course-work and access to leading-edge technology.We are currently accepting applications for September 2021.

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If you have further questions contact: Patrick Alcedo, Graduate Program Director (

Please visit Degree Requirements for an overview of program structure and options.

Admission Requirements

  • B+ average
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if required by York's Office of Admissions)
  • An undergraduate degree in dance or a related field in the fine arts (i.e music), the humanities (i.e history, women's studies), or the social sciences (i.e anthropology)

Occasionally students are admitted on the basis of extensive professional equivalency. Preference is given to Canadian and landed immigrant applicants. Our international acceptance ratio is under 1%. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

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