MFA in Dance

MFA in Dance: Choreography | Collaboration | Creation


The new MFA in Dance Program: Choreography | Collaboration | Creation, truly reflects the way many contemporary artists are working. This student-centered intensive two-year program requires that you, with other graduate students from a wide-range of disciplines and diverse skill-sets, form collaborative teams, successfully creating, producing and presenting your own work. The program will provide you with the theoretical and technical knowledge necessary to create multi-disciplinary performance art. You will find encouragement for the integration of digital media and leading-edge interactive technologies with live performance from both the faculty and your fellow students.

During your first-year, you will be taking ‘critical-skill’ courses. In the Department of Dance this includes: Initiating, Forming and Performing Choreography,  Methods & Materials of Movement Observation, Dance Video, Lighting Design and the Interactive Stage. You may then choose additional courses from other areas that will benefit your creative journey (music, theatre, digital media, film etc.).

Through these courses you will meet your graduate student peers and begin the process of forming creative teams. As you complete your first year, you will declare your specific area of research, your collaborative team members, and your proposed contribution to the collaborative team.

Over the second year, guided by your supervisor and a faculty project coordinator, you will live the experience of collaborative creation. Early in your final term, your team’s work will be presented to the public. Your research and creative process will be self-examined and contextualized through a thesis (extended research paper) to be submitted to your ‘Oral Exam Committee’. After formal submission of the thesis, an oral examination focused equally on the thesis and related collaborative creation project, will be held.

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If you have further questions contact: William J Mackwood, Graduate Program Director (

Please visit Degree Requirements for an overview of program structure and options.

Admission Requirements

  • B+ average
  • Proof of English language proficiency (if required by York's Office of Admissions)
  • An undergraduate degree in dance or a related field in the fine arts (i.e music), the humanities (i.e history, women's studies), or the social sciences (i.e anthropology)

Occasionally students are admitted on the basis of extensive professional equivalency. Preference is given to Canadian and landed immigrant applicants. Our international acceptance ratio is under 1%. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

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